IP address is predominantly used in most of the routers. For instance, the famous router brands Netgear and D-Link uses this IP address. Especially if you are new and don’t know about the router settings then this article will certainly help you. IP address is a well-known and famous IP address in the router’s world. This IP address is very important while you log in to your router and enter admin panel. But it is crucial to know that your router uses the IP address because there are other popular brands who use IP address and so on others.

When you bring new router then you can easily obtain the factory address by checking on the box of the router or from the connection properties of your pc. There are varieties of brands and some of the brands use another IP address instead of such as Microsoft and Edimax use

Steps to be followed for IP Login

At the beginning simply which device you have, mobile, tablet or computer, connect to the router. Then open your internet browser and paste in the search bar. Please paste or put correctly so that you may not have a problem.

After that, you will see the router page on your screen where you need to submit the login details. For example, here are the login details of the Netgear router is username= admin and password= password. It may be different according to your router brand so, it’s important to identify.

Here you will be in the admin panel and you can put your wifi password and name from the wireless settings.

Below are some router brands that use the IP address and their login details.

Brand Default IP Username Password
D-Link admin admin
Netgear admin password
Sitecom sitecom admin 13 726 2204 60861

When we talk about the default IP address then obviously we remember router. This default IP address has its own value on router configuration. Its popularity is even very high because of the famous router manufacturer companies such as Linksys, Netgear and other some company’s uses this for their router as a default IP address. The range of this IP address is from to that literally creates it a private IP address (IPv4)

This IP address is known for private IP address because nobody can use it publicly on the internet. It is used in the home network purposes. Although can be used once on the network, you can’t use it again on the same network. 

If there are two computers using the same IP on one network then there occurs an IP conflict which can forward towards network malfunction. Beside that IP address, is commonly used to configure router settings. But only on the inside of the network. 

If you try to get access to others network by using this IP then forget about entering others network because you can’t easily get access to others network. While public IPs are utilized on the internet but the use of the same IP cannot connect two devices at the same time. 

Where do we use IP address

After the introduction of IP address, above now here are the steps of using this IP address. You should begin by typing the in your liked browser to connect a new router to the current network or fix any network problem on the router. You can get access to the admin panel by this default address and fix the problem which you are facing. 

The process is very easy. Put the IP address on the address bar of your web browser and the login option will load if you have typed correctly. After the input of your default login, details and you will get access to the administration console when you can configure your router settings. Every router brand has their own default IP address and login details. So read the user’s manual attentively first.